Letter to Slow Factory

This is a letter I got that is worth sharing. It made me smile and believe that what Slow Factory is working for is actually happening. With Michael's authorization, I am publishing it here.

Thank you Michael.


I recently received my order and enclosed with it was a card that read, "Thank you for your patience." I just wanted to let you know that the wait was not long at all, and the time I did wait was well worth it. 
This was a gift to my significant other, and the moment she unfolded the cloth, she fell in love with it. As adults, it's not often that we encounter objects that evoke a feeling of awe and amazement, but today, I was able to witness my best friend and lover experience that child-like happiness that we all seem to have forgotten. Watching her wrap herself up in it and twirl around our home is something I will never forget. Moments like these are refreshing and help me remember why I love her as much as I do.
Thank you for creating such beautiful things, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience that joy. Keep doing what you're doing, and don't let anyone ever stop you.
Best wishes


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