Let's slow down a minute

"[The modernists] were trying to slow down the seemingly inexorable rush of the world, to force people to notice their own lives. In the twenty-first century, that rush has now reached Force Five; we are all inundated with information and given no time to wonder what it means or where it came from. Access without understanding and facts without context have become our daily diet." via Brain Pickings

3 Things that inspired us last week

UN x Parley

There is so little news about the good that is going on in the world. Last week, I attended UN x Parley conference at the United Nations in New York where they unveiled their Adidas collaboration: a sneaker made our of ocean trash.

Ted Radio Hour

The episode about Quiet

WWF's End to Great Barrier Reed Dumping

WWF thanks its supporter on this amazing news:

A full ban on dumping in the Great Barrier Reef should come to fruition in a matter of months. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee has voted to maintain pressure on Australia to deliver on its promise to restore the health of the reef.

Contribute in protecting our oceans by owning one of our pieces in partnership with the WWF:

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