Curiosity was launched to Mars, Slowfactory was launched online

Hello World! Slowfactory was launched!

Launch early, as they say! This is why we are launching our store feeling a little shy about the whole thing as we are still tweaking the code, and finishing writing about the project. This site will be updated very often! We are a small team and work in close collaboration with many artists to come up with our unique fashion swag. We are redirecting our .com to shopify for now as we are experiencing some technical issues that soon will be fixed. So this is a pre-launch. An enthusiastic and super exciting pre-launch!

You can pre-order your unique scarves now! 

Hi, I am Celinecelines and I run

This idea of printing Hubble images from Nasa Goddard's Flickr account came to me a few years ago.

imagine this image printed on a silk scarf #hermes style… "wear the beauty of the univers"

— celinecelines (@celinecelines) December 16, 2011

So I tweeted the idea. And went back to a wireframe or a design and continued my work. A few months / years went by, and I had never forgotten about it.

I love Les carrés d'Hermès. I try to collect them. I consider them as art pieces. Each one tells a particular story, and they are all made in collaboration with other artists. I love that about Hermès. The scarves are made in small quantities and are considered collectables.

The first Collection Slowfactory will present in its online boutique / gallery is a series of scarves made from Nasa Hubble images. The license on the images is under Creative Commons CC-By and since I am a Creative Commoner to the soul, I always wanted to create a wearable experience.

Next week we are going to probably go in fashion shooting mode and launch our look book! I'm so excited about this first in a series of cool collaborations of mixing science and fashion in a spirit of openness and beauty.

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