Scarves that protect the oceans

Our Petit Atlas Collection in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund raises funds to support the work of scientists and activists working to keeping our oceans clean. Learn more about our partnership with the WWF.

Each scarf is a print of a NASA image of Earth printed on 100% ethical and fair-trade Italian silk. 

This collection wants to inspire the overview effect that the astronaut feel when overlooking the Earth. Wrapping yourself with pieces of our Earth and knowing that each thread of each scarf has been ethically sourced and gives back to a greater cause affecting generations ahead is a statement in itself. 

We believe that fashion is activism. Wearing this piece not only engages you in a larger dialogue about Global Climate change, it makes you part of a community of thought leaders and game changers working together in preserving areas of our planets without which we as a species can no longer survive.

Without our oceans, we cannot live on this planet. Join us. Give the gift that gives back to generations to come. Shop The Petit Atlas Collection.

Models: Cipriana Quann & TK Quann for Slow Factory

Photographer: Meredith Truax

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