Series of Oneness

 We have ONE available left in each of these prints. Time to break the piggy bank and get some of these unique beauties for your love ones!! First come first serve. We have been selling out quicker than we thought. As Tina Roth puts it in her Tattly blog post Things I have learned so far:

5. Prepare for success
I admit, I wasn’t prepared for the success. Luckily I was able to scale up very quickly and keep up with demand, which probably comes with the nature of the temporary tattoo business. This might not have been possible if I sold something with a much longer product cycle.
So, ask yourself, what if I get a ton of orders within the first few weeks? Can my business scale? Do I have a plan on how I will do that? Am I building my business on a system that will allow me to grow?
So here we go! Enjoy!
Photos are by the one and only Yannick Grandmont!
And models are all our friends!

Holiday Snow Angel 36"x36"

Carina Nebula 36"x36"

Celestial Fireworks 36"x36"

Crab Nebula Supernova 52"x52"

Carina Nebula 52"x52"

Bubbles & Baby Stars 52"x52"

Galactic Spectacle 52"x52"

Celestial Fireworks 22"x22"

Holiday Snow Angel 22"x22"

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