portrait series - Adnan

Putting a face on the anonymous 1.14 million crowd of in Lebanon.

In this new series in partnership with ANERA for our We Are Home campaign, we share from the ground stories of Syrian students in ANERA's Education program based in refugee camps in Lebanon. We Are Home helps fund this initiative. Proceeds from our sales will provide desperately needed job skills training for refugees in Lebanon.

Three years ago in Homs, Syria, a stray bullet from a sniper hit Adnan in his spinal cord. It put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His family fled the war and moved to Lebanon, where Adnan had several surgeries to keep him alive. 

He started at a public school in northern Lebanon, but the building was not designed for students in wheelchairs. He dropped out.

Last year,Adnan joined ANERA’s program to pursue his education and his dream of becoming an electrical engineer. The courses are held in a friendly space designed to be accessible to the most vulnerable. He also gets reliable care and assistance and transportation to and from class.
"Everything about this program makes me happy," says Adnan.


Learn more about our partnership with ANERA and how you can join our cause.

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