"The World's Largest Shared Closet"

"The World's Largest Shared Closet"

Stock exchange? We prefer the fashion exchange. Slow Factory is dedicated to sharing news within the world of sustainable fashion with everyone and this week we’re talking about SilkRoll, a growing online exchange platform enabling women to trade in clothing and accessories that they don’t get much use out of for other high-quality items. SilkRoll is unique and it grabbed our attention for a few reasons. 

As we already know, the consumption and waste of clothing and textiles has surged in recent decades due to the short lifespan of trends across the fashion industry. Many studies have considered the role and reason behind idle clothing within wardrobes and how to harness the power of reuse and recirculation to combat this phenomenon. Cue SilkRoll.

The platform is centered on a mission to “build the world’s largest shared closet” through recirculation. Ever heard the saying one person’s trash is another’s treasure? Well SilkRoll kind of embodies this, but only better. It’s more like a person’s once-cherished treasure that is not getting much wear becomes another woman’s newfound treasure at almost no cost to either party. That bridesmaid’s dress from four years ago that you only wore to your friend’s wedding can find a new home and in return you get to use the points earned from your trade to snag something more practical for your needs.


While there are a host of sites that provide a marketplace for used clothing and accessories, SilkRoll’s focus on recirculation rather than resell value sets it apart, embodying the greater mission as well as the platform’s special position in the landscape of sustainable fashion. The platform has already seen great success since its founding two years ago and it shows great promise looking to the future because it makes recirculation and reuse accessible, which is something we think all people can really get behind and benefit from.

If you’re someone who has used SilkRoll or plans on using it to consciously free up some closet space we want to hear from you! So go ahead and tweet at us (@slowfactory_) or DM us on Instagram (@theslowfactory)! And if the platform is something you would like to support, anyone is welcome to invest online with a credit card to the equity crowdfunding campaign that ends on January 31st, 2018.



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