Slow Factory Smooth Music Series

Slow Factory Smooth Music Series

Since 2018 is the year that we continue to chase our dreams and make it all happen we want to help you achieve your goals by sharing one of the greatest forms of art in! Creativity begets creativity and we're launching the Slow Factory Smooth Music Series to hype up the entire Slow Factory community.

How it works: CEO Celine Semaan Vernon, CTO Colin Vernon (who also dabbles in making music himself), and Community Manager Moj share the tracks that are playing in the studio while we make the magic happen here at Slow Factory. Music is among the many art forms with the power to inspire and heal and we are so excited to share these tunes with you. Follow our playlist, DM or tweet us song and artist recommendations, listen along and share with your friends if you feel like it. 


We hope you enjoy this new addition to Slow Factory and knowing that you'll be listening to the same tunes as us in the studio makes us feel closer to you already. 


👀🎵  Smooth Music January 🎵 🎧


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