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Slow Factory

A Woman is a School

A Woman is a School

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A Woman is a School is the first memoir and cultural anthropological book by Slow Factory founder, Céline Semaan. As a war-survivor and child refugee sharing endangered and discredited ancestral knowledge of the Global South, particularly tales from Lebanon from 1948 to 2023—the book follows the tradition of the hakawati, the storytellers of the Levant, holding Indigenous knowledge and wisdom, Céline Semaan, a hakawati herself, documents what she has witnessed throughout her life and the lives of her family members, sharing her upbringing and cultures of resistance. 

The book is published as part of the new Slow Factory Imprint, Slow Factory Press: Books for Collective Liberation. The book is launching on September 9th and available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, on Slow Factory Press as well as a series of independent bookstores worldwide.

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