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Slow Factory

Dye Your Own Slow Factory Hoodie

Dye Your Own Slow Factory Hoodie

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Slow Factory hoodie with natural dye kit! Produced by Version Tomorrow, containing 0% plastic and 0% synthetics, our certified recycled+organic cotton fabrication sheds no micro plastics, uses 95% LESS water and produces 45% FEWER greenhouse emissions than conventional cotton.

It has been pre-treated with a natural mordant so it's all ready to receive the natural dyes.

Includes 1 hoodie and 1 Dye Kit from Slow Factory fellow Cara Marie Piazza, to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, self-dyed garment with your own hands. 

On the back:

In the age of climate doom and consistent bad news, Slow Factory creates innovation for collective liberation. We are here to learn, unlearn, and restore together. We believe that education is a valid and powerful climate solution. Information shouldn’t be subject to gatekeeping; it should be available and accessible to everyone — especially those who it was designed to exclude, because they’ll bear the brunt of the consequences. 

We believe that access to the resources and frameworks that illuminate our current processes as we forge new ones is a key pillar of systemic change. 

Above all else, Slow Factory is a long-time champion of regenerative solutions. We foster space to expand our imaginations, to ideate, and to design and create a world that is good for people and good for our planet.
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